A Note from Terry McDonell

The Accidental Life is a book about writers and their work and working with them. Editing is what I wanted to write about. But it is also about friends, some of them now dead, so it is about that, too. What follows is not strictly chronological. It bounces around a little. So did I. 


California days (1969-77)

Freelance photographer, writer; reporter, Associated Press; reporter, LA;

associate editor, San Francisco Magazine; associate editor, City Magazine

Notes on california


Outside and Rocky mountain Magazine (1977-80)

Senior editor, Outside magazine; managing editor, Outside magazine; editor in chief Rocky Mountain Magazine


Rolling stone (1981-83)

Managing Editor 


Newsweek (1983-85)

Assistant Managing Editor


Smart (1987-89)

Editor in Chief


Esquire (1990-93)

Editor in Chief


Sports illustrated (2002-5)

Managing Editor